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The Complete Guide to Infant & Postpartum Care

Gift yourself the tools needed to embrace postpartum in total confidence, self trust and joy.

You’ll walk away from this course with:

  • A newfound understanding of how to create the most optimal postpartum container for yourself and your family 
  • An abundance of holistic postpartum wellness education to support your entire being as you integrate into life with your newborn
  • Evidence based education surrounding immediate postpartum care choices such as the vitamin K shot and erythromycin
  • An understanding of delayed cord clamping and delayed bathing 
  • An illustration of options for cord and placenta uses
  • A foundational understanding of newborn behavior
  • A sense of preparedness around newborn care, including cord care, bathing, skin care, diapering, genital care, sleep care, digestive care and more
  • An abundance of breastfeeding and chest feeding education and tools to support your feeding journey

What People Are Saying:

Victoria's class was a a wonderful experience for my partner and I as we prepare to become first time parents! The course content was informative and empowering. Highly recommend this class for anyone whether it's your first baby or not. You will get access to a full syllabus of content and audio to refer back to or explore more deeply when you purchase the course, totally worth every penny!

Rachael Hawkey

My partner and I loved Victoria and her class! She is so knowledgeable and comfortable to be around, and we learned so much in our three sessions. As first time parents, we really had no idea what to expect but Victoria was amazing and we finished the class feeling so much more prepared and informed. 100% recommended!!

Sydney Nilan